Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Read 80 books!

Wow! It has been a while since my last post. I am excited to have a few new followers :). This post is to share a reading incentive idea that I got from another blog.( I can't remember which :( ) I just changed a few things up. The original idea was for students to read 100 books but I decided to do 80 books. I gave students a couple of months to complete their goal and had several incentives for completing it.

 Below is an outline of how it worked in my classroom.
* I cut strips of construction paper and would send it home with students, usually bi-weekly.
* Students had to write the date, title, genre and a summary of what the story was about on their strip. To do this they would use both sides.
* Students brought their strips every Friday for a quick check. Strips were not yet joined.
* Students joined or made their chain at home.
* Once they reached their 80 books they brought their chain.

Student incentives:
1. Became a Reading Queen or King and were announce on the schools intercom.
2. Got a pencil etc.
3. Their picture with a crown was put on the hall way bulletin board.
4. Chains were hung in the classroom.
5. At the end all Kings and Queens had a pizza party, where they decorated crowns.

Here are some pictures of what I mentioned above.(Sorry pictures are side ways) I also included the letter I sent home in Spanish and English. Enjoy! :)

 ReadingTo80 English

Reading To 80 Spanish 

Chains around the room

Reading King and Queen hall way board

Student holding chain

Another student with chain


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