Friday, June 15, 2012

Thinking while reading at home...

Every school year I send home on level A-Z books for my students to read at home. I try my best to change them out weekly or bi-weekly. I have tried sending them in plastic baggies and large yellow laminated envelops. Even though they have both worked out okay,  I want something that will last longer and help my students be more organized. This next year I plan on trying something new. Below are examples of plastic envelops .
Office Depot Brand Poly String EnvelopesLion Hook Loop Closure Poly Envelope 
What I like!!

I am planning on using. Students will keep their reading log, book marks, reading strategy page, 2 books and question cards. At the beginning of the year many of my students read many fiction book for this reason I provide them with fiction question cards. After we work on non-fiction books I provide them with non-fiction question cards. They worked out great! Students could use their answer as their reading log summary. I simply printed the non-fiction and fiction cards in different colors, cut them and put them in a small binder ring. Students or parents would randomly pick a question to answer.
I have attached them for you to use!!! Hope they are helpful.... :) 

Please let me know how you organize or do for students home reading.
ENJOY your weekend...

Home Reading Questions English

Home Reading Questions Spanish


Candis - I Teach Dual Language said...

I think your plan sounds fantastic! I am linking up your post on I Teach Dual Language's Facebook page to share your questions. Here is a link to my free printable nonfiction conventions notebook a la Debbie Miller. :)

Tinseth Family said...

I love these cards to go along with reading at home. I tried to save them, but it says private document. Is there anyway to get a copy?

Mrs.G said...

Hello ladies, thanks for the comments! I would love for you both to follow my blog :) Tinseth: I will set the files as public so you can access them. :)

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