Friday, May 18, 2012

Integrating reading and writing

I wanted to share a project that I did in my class a while back that turned out wonderful. During this time we were researching during reading and starting expository writing, it was easy to integrate them. :)
After deciding between researching polar bears or penguins students worked with their bilingual pairs to generate questions for their research. They learned how to find their answers using key words in the table of content and book titles. At the end of their research they compiled everything into a small book. The little book included a table of content, animal diagram, questions and answers cards, fun facts and a KWL chart. The idea of the book is not entirely my idea, I can't remember the site where I found it. After finishing and sharing their research they wrote about the animal they researched. The tricky part was that they researched in both English and Spanish(depending on the resource available) then had to write entirely in English. At the end I was impressed with how well they did. Even though it took some students a very long time. :)


Krista Carlson said...

So glad you found me! Looking forward to swappin ideas! I get so excited to find another dual blogger :)!!

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